4 Wheels UK are proud to announce our partnership with the Green Task Force and PATT Foundation.


The Green Task Force is a subsidiary of the UK Charity the PATT Foundation (Registered Charity Commission No.1117158) and was established to solve a number of prominent issues surrounding both the environment and our veterans.

A staggering 6% of serving & former serving personal & 17% of those that have been in a combat situation are suffering from some form of PTSD. Service leavers also suffer a lot of stress & anxiety when transitioning from the service.

It has been proven that getting veterans involved in Nature Based Therapy (NBT) has a positive effect on their mental health.

Working closely with Founder / Director Dr Andrew Steel DSc (HC) over the last couple of years has highlighted a desire to get more involved with this fantastic journey. We are delighted to announce that for 2023, 4 Wheels UK will be visible on the Green Task Force and PATT Foundation workwear.

Visit Green Task Force: https://greentaskforce.wordpress.com/ 

Visit Patt Foundation: https://pattfoundation.org/



Published 08/03/2023